Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Dawn of A Planet Shaker

Planetshakers Awakening: a two-day conference, January 13-14, 2017, Smart Araneta
Coliseum, Manila Philippines
Just like how the lyrics of the song go... THIS IS THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. Indeed it was.

I anticipated that day for such a long time. As the days passed my heart and mind looked forward to everything. Sharmaine and I prepared the conference tickets, flight tickets, and ourselves to be at the Planetshakers Awakening. We grew excited each day as the day went near.
Candidly, we only expected for just a concert and small talks and have ourselves there in the event is already enough. I even thought about it as 'a tick off my bucket list', yet as we came nearer and nearer our hearts excitedly expected for more. This time I prayed for a great encounter for everyone and myself especially.

The awaited moment has finally come. FYI, it was even my first time taking an airplane flight. (rock'n'roll hahaha)
The day of the Soundcheck Party is held few hours before the first session came. I was in awe. Though it cost us to have our spot, yet it didn't matter at all. I even kept on reminding myself that I came not because of these people but for the worship that they're led to do.
From the time we departed to Manila, I think God has been busy listening to my prayer of guidance and thanksgiving. I just can't help myself be thrilled and be grateful for everything. Relatively, I prayed that God would answer my hanging petition through the conference. I made myself ready for what He's going to do. After the Sound Check Party, I was restless because my excitement and enthusiasm stepped up.

While waiting for the first session to start, I was more hyped and my spirit was uplifted.
God ordained that opportunity for me to have that kind of encounter with Him. I am so grateful to Planetshakers for being His wonderful instrument. I have gained so much through the testimonies, messages, and songs.

I had such great encounters and breakthroughs. It seemed like I went through military training and after everything, I got out all geared up by His grace and empowerment.

It was not about the band anymore and it was not about them in the first place. They just let God use each one of them to show and share Jesus with every person. It was such an unexpected and glorious way to start my 2017 and I feel blessed each day because of everything. Next year I will surely be there for another conference and I will make it to a point that I will be at every conference that they will have in the Philippines.

Photo Credits to Planetshakers

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